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Not Sure How To Ask Or If It's Possible


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I have 2 domains hosted throught TCH.


One was renewed in Sept 04 (silver) the other is due in 5/05(starter).


I want to have one domain (since I'm thinking of being a reseller).


Could I have silver acct activated on starter acct. And just do away with starter acct?




www.midnite-blue.com is silver acct but not really used


www.best-of-intentions.com is starter acct but is used alot.


So instead of paying for 2 spaces I'd rather pay for one. Make sense?


Not sure how to ask all this so I'm sorry if I sound dumb lol



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I guess basically what I want to do is move my site from my starter hosting my silver acct. Cancel the starter hosting. Park one domain name until I want to use it.


But I'm wondering if that happens will all my files at starter site be lost? Would a complete backup have to be done?


I'm rambling I'm afraid. Darn cold meds LOL

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