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How To Help A Client


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hi all-


i do freelance design, but i am completely unqualified to do any search engine stuff. i optimise pages w/ css design and other good SEO principals, but i dont sell marketing services or promise placement.


a client of mine is immediately asking me why he's not in google. i explained the whole process to him and said i could ask around for a good marketer/marketing company.


he's found someone that will promise him "top ten in search engines" using some special "software". i find that hard to believe, especially since the web is a big big place and what if 11 people using the same software tried to hook up the same keywords! if thats the case, then someone is not in the top 10, and the service is completely invalid.


my question is, how can i find reputable companies that do marketing services or placement? i dont want to point him to a spammer or some other bad practice that will hurt him long term.


also, does anyone know good questions to ask a person im interviewing to weed the good from the bad?




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Start at Google's own pages. They talk about good and bad SEOs.


I can give you top-10 placement for your chocolate site if you accept #1 rank for the search term "total xyzzy chocolate bliss" which is something no one would ever search for.


No one can guarantee (truly) placement because they don't run the search engines. If they have a trick to get high placement today it probably won't be there tomorrow. Hundreds of pages have been droped completely from Google because of one particular company's bogus techniques getting on their final nerve and them saying "enough".


Look for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing type businesses. Ask them how they get high placement. If they talk about one-page sites or doorways or guaranteed placement or "special programs" etc then tell them bye-bye. If they say it will take months to see results then there is a good chance they are honest.


For Google, about the only way to rate high is lots of links from similarly themed sites preferably. Also, if the only thing they talk about is Google then they are very limited in scope and you should probably go elsewhere. Google's not the only search engine/directory and engines are not the only way to get the most of your website. See if they mention anything about other ways to be visible to potential customers such as traditional advertising.


Finally, use your gut-instinct. It's usually right in most cases. If the promise the world then they'll take you for all you're worth if they can. Hope it helps!

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