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Classified Ads Script - Any Recommendations?


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I would like to implement a classified ads script on my Web site. Naturally, it should be php-based, using a mySQL database.


There are a number of scripts out there, ranging from free to a few hundred dollars. This is a volunteer position for a non-profit group, so the cost really has to be less than $100 (which seems doable from what I've seen).


My requirements are pretty much in line with what's out there -- users should be able to submit their own ads and upload their own pictures (without requiring anonymous ftp access) as well as go back and edit/mark sold their items. Expired items should delete themselves. It's strictly a buy/sell site -- no personals ads, car sales or other niche market.


I'm no php/database wizard, so installation should be fairly straightforward or I'll be in trouble. :eek:


Have you used something you like? Or particularly dislike? Please tell me about it. Thanks!! :)

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Thanks for the lead, Bruce. I've gone through the rounds at Hotscripts (and a couple other similar script repositories) a few times, so I have a general idea of what's available out there. I was more wondering if anyone had any personal recommendations. I appreciate your input though!

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