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Domain Parking


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I have one website hosted on some where else. I have registered a new domain name and hosting that on TCH.

I want to bring my old website with same name on tch using same account. Can i park that domain here? Is there any fees? Is it gonig to work the same way it works for my new domian?


jayraj :)

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We can park that old domian name on top of the name you curently have hosted with us, and both will resolve to the current hosted account. They cannot go to separate sites with our hosting plan.


If you need the old domain name to go to it's own site, then you will either need to purchase another hosting plan, or a reseller plan.


If you want the old domain name parked on top of the current one, AND resolve to the same site, then open a help desk ticket. We will park it on top of your hosted name for free.

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Guest Van

I didn't see any response to the question of the cost for parking domains.


I am considering moving my website to your firm and I have 4 domain names -- one is active and the other three simply point to the primary one.


What if any charge is there for the three parked/pointed domains.




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