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Php-nuke: Modules: Download ... #2?


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:D Still need help!


:thumbup1: I'm using the original downloads module for Subscribers Only. However, the site will/does offer free downloads as well. So far the downloads are direct. If you put the mouse over the download link you can see where it is coming from. With the Subscribers Only downloads, you see a downloads id number and you also need to put in a security code.


:o I'm afraid as the site's traffic increases and users begin to register (not subscribe) they will take advantage of the free downloads and some users may be abusive and suck up all the site's bandwidth. So I want take measures before any of these could even happen.


:huh: If a second downloads module will not happen are there any other suggestions to keep my downloads safe from bandwidth stealers? You have to register (for free) on the site to take advantage of the free downloads. So if there is another solution besides the second downloads module, I need it to be Registered Users Only and not Anonymous/Guests capable.


:) Thanks!

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