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Entropy Search Questions

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I've installed the Entropy search program via cPanel and it seems to work alright except for a couple of problems.


#1. It doesn't seem to process search queries under a certain # of characters (i.e. if you search for "gag" nothing turns up (when in fact there's a plethera of this word on the pages), but if you search for "breastcollar" some things show up.

-- So it seems that I need to be able to edit a config file for this program, except I can't find it, (see last question).



#2. The template isn't parsing my shtml as html (is my .htaccess in the wrong place?) ... Basically, I have several menus I use on my design that are called via SSI, and on the rest of the site they work fine, but on the search results page, they don't show up.

-- Again, it seems that if I can find the program, maybe I can add my own menus, but, alas, see last question...



#3. The biggest problem of them all -- I CANT FIND IT! It is not in my cgi-bin folder, and I can't access the cgi-sys folder and I don't know why. What gives and how can I edit this program at all?



Thanks so much!


Edited to add a link for viewing -- http://www.brownspeedaction.com/

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Thanks Bruce,


If I can't figure this one out, I will look into that.


It still boggles my mind, though, the whole cgi-sys thing. Any idea on that?

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Aha, okay now we're talking. So is there anyway to install this entropy search on an un-shared basis?

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