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Sql Database Import


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First of all caps doffed to the people here at TCH, very impressive hosting you have going on here.


Anyway, I am currently having problems importing my 27MB database backups.... I have a .sql backup which I have tried to import using the SQL import feature in PHPMyAdmin, I have left it do its work for 5 or more hours, and when i come back to my PC my databases are still not restored and it appears nothing has happened



So i was wondering whether anyone from TCH could do a local import for me, i have uploaded the sql backup to my filespace


i have tried many times now to upload my 2 databases (both dumped into one sql backup) but to no avail


thanks in advance




Edit: I can give my server number and username to anyone who needs this as comfirmation i am the owner of the package.

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There were problems with importing my backup, probably due to the use of extended inserts, but the server kept timing out, even for the help desk techies...


anyway, i ended up doing a 6 hr selective import, whereby i imported 500 - 1000 lines at a time...


got it working fully though, thanks for your help anyway fellas

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Sorry to hear that you had problems importing your database. 27 MB is not that much, we had people coming to TCH who needed much larger (think over 100 MB) databases imported and they didn't have any problem (except for the fact that they also had to ask a techie to do it for them because phpMyAdmin times out, of course), so it's strange you had problems. Perhaps, as you say, it's due to the extended inserts.


Anyway, I'm glad you got it going! Welcome to the family! :clapping:

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