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Low Priority Support Ticket


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I submitted a support ticket as i'm told to after emailing support.


It's a very small problem therefore i chose lowest priority.


But I've waited 2 days and nothing have been done.


Do you guys get a lot of support tickets?


If the answer is yes.


Then i guess I can wait some time later until you guys are more free to deal with low priority issues.


Just wondering. I have much faith in you guys. :lol2:


ps: i just realise there's this family forum. can someone pm me a pass?


my site: http://www.click.sg (warning. not safe to open while doing real important stuff. open at your own discreet)


thanks :lol2:

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I just searched thru our help desk and am only to locate two support tickets from you. One was from the 20th of Jan, and Liz answered it 11 minutes after you emailed our support.


Do you have the ticket number on the latest ticket, as I simply do not see it.


As far as number of tickets, our help desk answered over 75,000 tickets in 2004. Our average response time in 2004 was 9 minutes. So while we do get many tickets into our help desk, we maintain a large enough support team to quickly respond to each one of them.

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I went to that site and I'm really mad! Not only could I not close your stupid java

script, but it caused a file I was downloading at the time to go to Never ever land.

I hope no one else falls for this childish use of bandwidth. I can't believe Bill said:

Your website is the most annoying thing I have ever came across. Keep up the good work

What's with the "Keep up the good work"?


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i've checked and i've indeed sent only one email to the support and lisa replied to have me re-submit my problem to support desk (reasoning that's it's more secure) and i did so.


But come to think of it. I did not received a confirmation of my ticket. Perhaps it had not been submitted to you guys properly =/


so should i resubmit my ticket?


and i apologize for the javascript on my site (it could be closed with alt+ctrl=delete).


i've added a warning, and to be opened on anyone's discreet.



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If you have used a free email service (like hotmail, yahoo etc) for submitting tickets, have you checked the junk folder etc since these emails tends to end up there?


Also, are you still in need of the password or did someone pm you already? If you still want it, let me know in a pm.

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