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Totalchoice Expands Into Europe!

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Starting February 1, 2005 TCH will be offering hosting services on servers located in a prestigious United Kingdom Data Center! In an effort to provide our European customers with more options, any customer wishing to have their account hosted on a UK server will now has the opportunity to do so.


For users whose primary audience is within Europe, this will ensure even faster links to the servers. The servers will, of course, be the same high spec and reliable machines that have become the standard at TotalChoice Hosting.


The core network architecture is, as TCH customers have come to expect, second to none utilising the highest quality equipment from Juniper, Foundry and Cisco. This is setup in a fully redundant mesh allowing us to offer high availability and exceptional throughput with the usual backup of UPS units (4x 500KVA MGE) and generators (3x 2.5MVA Caterpillar diesel Generators)


2005 will be a big year for TCH, with many new options in the works. We look forward to providing you the best hosting available and we thank you for your continued support.


Updates will be posted here as we roll out the new UK servers.



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Great news Bill.

Although I have nothing to complain abt speed and such I think it would be good to be hosted on a europeen server.

I am also hosting a site for a tennisclub and i'll probably will transfer it to an Europeen server.


Are there any ideas yet abt the possibility for existing ueropeen users to be transferred to the new server If they want?


Keep up the gooed work you all!

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We are working out the pricing for the virtual and hosting UK plans.


If your account does move from a US based server to a UK based server, there will be a slight increase in the monthly fee.


We will be announcing the pricing soon.



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Simply great to read this!

I just came back here after a while hoping to read something more about your presence in Europe and I couldn't miss the front page news!

Definitely... :P


Now waiting for the price quotes... ;)

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I see uk1.totalchoicehosting.com is online. Welcome! :)


And with very good response ping response times from where I am.


Any news on pricing etc?


If the price is right I'd love to grab a reseller account as soon as they are available.





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