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Suse 9.2 Download - Full And Free!


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I just read in the Inquirer that Suse 9.2 is free for the downloading. A DVD ISO is available for download at their site at this location.


For those wondering what I'm talking about ....


Suse is a stable and respected distribution of Linux. For those who haven't tried Linux, this may be a great opporunity to give it a whirl!



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This might be a better link to use. Full list of mirrors so you can find a location close to you.


Just go to the same directory: i386/9.2/iso/


Edit: Or better yet, just go here for direct links.


Novell's site still lists this version as an Eval. What that exactly means functionally I don't know as I haven't used SuSE since before it was owned by Novell.

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I downloaded the SuSe 9.2 DVD iso from one of the mirrors and installed it on my laptop. It installed with no problem and runs great. The only problem I ran into was getting my wireless network card to work. After a little trial and error I was able to get it working as well.

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The sites keep mentioned its an eval version.

Is it limited in any way?  Online updates work?


I was a user already of SUSE 9.0 Pro (installed from a retail purchased copy a year ago).


For my job I needed to evaluate 9.2 so I downloaded and installed from the FTP-ISO after burning a DVD from it. Note that this is about 3.6 GB.


To my dismay I found that a lot of packages are missing from this version - some important ones for me were Emacs, slocate, and apache.




Online updates with YoU worked but after trying in vain to easily add packages that were not on the DVD, I gave up and bought the retail 9.2 Pro. Its DVD is dual-layer and over 7 GB.


I have not found any download of this larger DVD that matches the retail release.

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