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Installing Expression Engine


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I don't see too many Expression Engine Blog users here, and a search of the archives didn't bring up anything, so I'm asking here.


The installation guide for EE requires that I know 4 pieces of information:


1) MySQL Database Name

2) MySQL Server Address (often "localhost" or the server IP address)

3) MySQL Username

4) MySQL Password


1) Do I have to somehow set up a new MySQL database in CPanel and give it a name? Or is there a generic name I have to use?

2) Server Address is "localhost", yes?

3 and 4) Do I use the username and password of my account, or do I have to set new ones up?


Many thanks!



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Hi, I use ExpressionEngine and I am one of the support team members. I am omnipresent. *winks*


Yes, you have to go to mysql manager and setup a database, a user, and then MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE USER TO THE DATABASE. <- that is in all caps because everyone misses it then comes here and asks for help.


You can use whatever ousername you want, but it'll be cpanelname_whateveryou chose for your username and database, but your password will be exactly what you choose. =)


Hope that helps!

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Hi Lisa,


Thanks for the reply!


So, just to clarify part of my original question:


2) Server Address is "localhost", yes?




Also, I assume that CPanel has a pretty straightforward way to allow me to add a user to the MySql database I added, right? No special tricks or landmines, right?


I'm asking because I've not worked with a MySql database before............


Thanks again!



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Yes it is localhost


and in cpanel look for MySql

then you will see any databases you may have listed

and below that a place to type in a name for database like blog

and click the button [Add Db].

You will be taken to a screen that tells you it was created, click on go back

Below adding a databases you will see a place to create a user

like myblog and a password.

Click click the button [Add User].

Again a screen will say created, go back.

then look for add user to database button,

just above select the user and database

(note they will be listed like cpanelname_myblog

and cpanelname_blog)

click [Add User to Db]

after you add the user to the database go back

and you will see the database listed with the user for that database,

and sample connect strings for it in pearl and php


so now you have

1) MySQL Database Name = cpanelname_blog

2) MySQL Server Address = localhost

3) MySQL Username = cpanelname_myblog

4) MySQL Password = ********

to add to your config file.


of course you can use whatever you like for the names,

in lower case and up to 8 characters.


hope this helps.

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