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Excel Spread Sheets

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HI all,

There's probably not much that can be done about this, but I thought I would ask anyway.


I would like to display some excell spread sheets on my Web. ( I am using CUTE)


I convert the Excell file to HTML No problem here. Now I have two options, I can ether do file download link or just copy the html file onto a new page.


Hence here is the problem, If I use the file download method, the format of the spread sheet becomes a mess.

If I copy the html file to a new page, for the most part it looks pretty clean, however, the save and preview times become quite long.


I would lke to use the file download link method because it is much faster for saving and testing my Web.


One more question, When I copy my revised HTML files to public_html, the files which I generated using the file download link method does not update automatically on my web, thus I need to recreate the link each time. Is this correct?


Any suggestions?




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Thanks KW.


I think I found a way to do it that works pretty good.

I copy my excel files to Paint Pro and save a psp, and then import the to cute as an object. I cut my file size down from 5 meg to 500k. This process takes about as much time to convert the Excel files to HTMl.


Anyway. This seems to work for now.


This obviuosly doesn't do much for the auto updating, but atleast I can test my web alot faster.


THanks again


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Hi KW,



Basically for now, I just want to give visitors access to see the data.


However, I hope to put up a DB in the future so that my visitors can search and sort the data as they need it. I am a long way from this though. But I'm working on it.


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