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I'm a new TCH subscriber. FTP instructions indicate that "files for public access must be uploaded to the public_html directory". There is no such directory at my domain. Where is it? I want to publish my FrontPage 2002 Web pages. Where do I publish them? I also want to disable public access until I'm ready. How do I do that?

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Login to cPanel and then click on "File manager". This will show you the folders from the highest level. One of these will be called Public_Html. Its here that all the files goes.


If you use something like WS_FTP95 package or any other ftp package (you can even do it via IE if you have the FTP function on) is to type in ftp.yourhostname.com and provide your cpanel name and password for user name and password. Let in log in and you shall see the required public_html folder you need.


Its difficult to stop public access so i suggest one of these options:


I) Edit your .htacesss file

II|) Create a sub domain. Use this for your web site testing until your reading to transfer it to the main one. This means you can have a intro page still on your main site to tell vistors to come back soon.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you still having problem!



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