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What Do You Guys Do When You Can´t Sleep?


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We have the worst storm and rain in years this night (1.10am here) the weather guys says. And I agree its raining alot. No idea to even try to sleep until it calms down.


So guys, I wonder, what do you keep yourself entertained with when you can not sleep for some reason? Besides visiting this forum that is. :)

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If weather permits, I go on the TCH forum to see who else is awake.


Otherwise I reach for a book to either read, or write something down.


I keep a notepad beside the bed. I sometimes wake up and can not get back to sleep if something is rolling around in my head over and over. I have found that if I write it down that seems to release it from my mind. (If I can't remember where I put something or have some other problem I can not work out, I will concentrate on it before going to bed going over all the info I have. Then I often wake up certain of the answer. Sometimes I come up with some new pattern, new idea or a different configuration than what I could envision when awake. Convenient sometimes!)


-Samantha :unsure:

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