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Tracking Down The Trackback Spammer


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You may just want to go ahead and ban all of Atrivo's network. I've had two from their network always picking on me, and after my "Master Spambot" post, I've received quite a few emails from others that claim other IPs on Atrivo are also master-bots but Atrivo won't do anything about it.



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I didn't complaing to Atrivo. If the spammer has abandoned that IP number, I thought it would be more worth my time to complain to ThePlanet. Still no reply. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt since it's the weekend. But if there's no reply by Tuesday night I'm making some waves.


EDIT: Wow, you're one of the people I linked to. Amazing how you find related things on search engines or blog searches, then end up having a conversation with them here on TCH!

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I've been doing some tracking. I found that many of the IP number this particular spamming outfit is using, are webservers. Many of them unintended webservers. It's possible he's used open proxy lists, and it's also possible he's port scanned lots of IP numbers until he found ones that did work.


About half the IP numbers don't have webservers on them. Probably windows home computers that are virus infected. Zombies.


The rest are webservers. And they're both microsoft servers and Apache and even other types. One Lotus Domino, of all things.


What kind of program could work on ALL of those? Or is he just using them as proxies? Most likely, I suppose.


Check my blog for details, if you want to play around with this stuff. Click the smiley:




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