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Goodbye Trillian 3.0 !

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I was a loyal Trillian fan until they released 3.0


I have had nothing but problems since the upgrade. Have been a paying trillian user for some time.


Well I am here to say I have dumped Trillian and have moved to GAIM.


I am very pleased with its performance and have not looked back.


Just wanted to vent.



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I used to have problems with Trillian too, but I worked with the earlier verions and I admit I never paid.


Since my switch to Linux I've been using Gaim and I'm very happy with its stability. It interfaces fine with the other IMs.


I do remember trying to start a chat with you, Bill, back a few weeks ago. It appeared that you attempted to respond but nothing came through. You were the only one that I have ever experienced this with. It could have been a Trillian problem ... maybe?


Anyway, it's a solid IM that I have been using myself for 6 months with little issue.



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