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is it possible? Yes

is it easy? No


Theres been several attempts to port IPB into PHPNuke most of them failed miserabley. Theres a couple of mods for phpnuke that let you disply other content from an outside source within a phpnuke site so that it LOOKS like its a module oh phpnuke, if you went this route tho site visitors would still need to sign up twice, once for phpnuke and once for ipb.


Take a look at nukecops.com theres usually several threads on their forums about integrating ipb into nuke.

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Thank´s Mike,


I liked the short and easy reply to understand. (Yes and No) :clapping:


Its too much information also was very good and understood everything.


another question:


Which is safest ? (more secure)

Invision Board or PHPBB



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Paulo, o Invision Power Board 2.0 é um software mais robusto mas é comercial e não gratuito como era a versão 1.3.


A versão 1.3 deixou de ser suportada, o que significa que mais cedo ou mais tarde irão surgir problemas e não haverá ninguém para os consertar.


Assim sendo, eu sugiro que use o phpBB, que continua a ser desenvolvido e por isso é garantido que os seus problemas de segurança sejam corrigidos. Para mais, está quase a sair a versão 2.2 do phpBB, que promete ser uma grande revolução em relação à versão anterior. B)


In English :clapping:


Paulo, Invision Power Board 2.0 is a more robust software but it is no longer free as version 1.3 was.


Version 1.3 is no longer supported, which means that sooner or later, it will have problems but there will be no one to fix them.


So I suggest you use phpBB, which continues to be actively developed e thus it is guaranteed that any problems that may arise will be fixed. Besides, phpBB 2.2 is almost finished, and it promises to be a big revolution regarding the previous version :)

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