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Microsoft Offers Free Security Program


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Virus vendors? You mean I can go out to a store and buy a copy of Sasser?? Good lord, where have I been?? :P B)


Just kidding, Bob :)


Thanks for the info. I already tried that MS AntiSpyware and it looks good but on the other hand, I'm starting to think that it takes a similar approach to spyware as CA's Pest Patrol - it said Winpcap was a spyware threat when Winpcap is nothing more than a harmless packet capture library (and MS Anti Spyware says so itself).


They should concentrate on catching spyware programs *that use* this library to spy on the user, not the library itself, since this will scare users of legit programs that make use of Winpcap :clapping:

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I thought it was a bit over-the-edge when it reported my extra copies of mIRC as being possible threats. I have several copies of it located in separate folders to keep my different servers and ID's available to run at the same time.



I saw the news on this, too...so is this going to be worthwhile? It amazes me how spyware is a bigger issue than viruses. I don't use Outlook ( luv Pegasus) so viruses never get me...but spyware seems to almost be a browsing thing and maybe I do too much of that :lol2:

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Cheryl, I gave up on Outlook many years ago, and e-mail viruses never got to me either (I wonder why... :rolleyes: :P).


As for browsing, I also gave up on IE many years ago, too (first used Opera, then switched to Mozilla and now I'm a fan o Firefox :)), and I never had any problems with internet spyware and viruses.


The only problems I had were caused by software I downloaded, mainly shareware. But fortunately, I seem to be able to smell those things at a distance of 5 miles, so whenever I suspected a program had some stuff in it I didn't want, I killed it.


Nowadays it's rather easy to avoid that. You just need to be carefull with what software you run on your machine and keep an anti-virus and anti-spyware program at hand.


Either that or, if you want a 99.9999999% effective solution, quit using Windows... ;)

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