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Awesome Autoresponder Service

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Automate Your Follow-up and Increase Your Sales!

Simplify your business with Professional, Feature Rich

Autoresponders. Limited Time Offer Starting at 4 accounts

Only $4.98 Monthly So Hurry! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

by email now! mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D


Need a great sequential (multi-messaging) autoresponder service?


Low, low prices on Service which includes Multiple Accounts

Fast, Fair and Friendly Service :D

Unlimited and no cost Broadcast Capability to List

Web forms to collect data on subscribers

Confirmation emails on opt-in's

Choice of html or text

Tracking functions

Import Database easily and quickly

Ban domains to stop spam before it starts!


Value - Security - Speed - Reliability - Excellent Tech Support!


Check it out today: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Your URLs have been edited because we do not allow "spamming" on these boards. Please do not do this again, because all it does is clutter the boards and leaves for some unhappy people. Thanks, and please don't let it happen again.


If you spam again, you will be banned.

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WHY is this forum called Suggest a Freebie or Cheapie then?


You don't get cheaper than that service?


I'm a hosting client and you guys don't offer sequential autoresponders so I thought I was HELPING not spamming

other members???


Please explain the point of the Forum


Cheryl Gonzalez

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From an "outsider's" POV, the text you posted looks like advertising blather. It doesn't look like a well thought out, honest, personal opinion. I'm not surprised it was viewed as spam. Take a look at the other msgs in this forum to see what a more acceptable tone looks like.

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Is this scheme legal?


It reads like a pyramid scheme to me.


"A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent system of making money which requires an endless stream of recruits for success. Recruits (a) give money to recruiters and (:D enlist fresh recruits to give them money."



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