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Once again I am reinstalling my wifes computer. I get the basic setup done and then have her install her "must haves" and then I was going to try and back it up. Well somehow she got enough spyware and viruses that I cant clean it all. After I get this done I want to get a good "known clean" version of her computer backed up and maybe a restore application as well.


Using Win2K, what would be a good back-up option for CD-R and maybe a restore program?


Funny, my mom knows nothing about her computer except to use email and play her card games, the wife just that and how to install her toys laden with viri. How can a little more knowledge be so dangerous? Dont get me wrong, I love her but, dang is it that hard to at least try and know what you shouldnt do.


She says she doesnt care because I can always fix it. I am about to tell her if it happens again that she is responsible for resolving her own issues.

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Yeah Rob, I have been backing up all my computers here at the house with the Ghost version 9. So far its been great...but it wouldn't work "exactly" the way I wanted it to work. I wanted to be able to backup all (4) PC's on my home network from MY PC. I have a 250GB hard drive and what better way to store all the backups.


I am in the process of backing up one PC a day and then I transfer the file across the network to a folder on my big HD. This fine.


Next project will be to create an image on DVD and see how the restore goes. I have a spare 40GB drive that I'll use to restore each system to see how well it works off each DVD. The problem I see is buying a bunch of DVD's to store all this data :lol:


Now Nortons also has a Drive Image program and this maybe more of what you are looking for. Ghost should work as well.

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I just hate paying so much for some of those kinds of software. Sometimes I think it is just easier to spen the hour every few weeks to reload the OS for her.


I understand and until monday that was exactly what I did, just pull out the recovery CD and be done with it. BUT its just gotten to be a huge chore downloading all the patches and updates coming from MS. These alone add at least 2 hours to the completion. And then I have to load all the other software...


Now I'll find out how much easier it is to "recovery" the kids PC's after they are totally corrupted.

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