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A Few Questions Before I Sign Up...


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I have been looking for a new web hosting provider for a while, and my friend recommended TCH, as he's been a customer for a while. I'm just not sure how my situation would fall into your hosting packages. Currently, I have 3 domains (domain names anonymized):


domaina.com - I have owned this for a couple of years, and use it for all of my email. It is currently configured so that anyaddress@domaina.com will forward to dave@domaina.com (so i can use ebay@domaina.com, amazon@domaina.com, etc...). There is no need for a website at domaina.com - just email. This domain was registered by my current host, through Tucows.


domainb.com - hosts a Moveable Type blog - no need for email. I registered the domain myself, through GoDaddy.


domainc.com - points to the same blog as domainb.com. I registered the domain myself, through GoDaddy.


I would like to setup an account such that:

-all email from invalid addresses in all domains gets funneled to dave@domainc.com (either directly, or by funneling all email for each domain to 1 account, then using a .forward file to get the email to dave@domainc.com)

-I can create other email addresses for domainc.com (with no forwarding)

-http requests for all 3 domains point to the same website (a MT blog)

-Phtostack is used to maintain photo galleries on the site.


Is this possible? How many accounts would be required? Ideally, I'd like to purchase either the Silver or Deluxe plan (depending on bandwidth required by my photos)


Thank you!

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I'm not sure what the requirements are for Phtostack but the situation you describe can be done with one account. I would suggest signing up for the account using the domain you want to be the main domain associated with the website. Once that site is created you would need to submit a Help Desk ticket asking to have the other two domains parked on the account. You would be able to create email accounts, forwarders, etc. on all three domains from your CPanel and all three domains would point to the same main page.

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Thank you for all the welcome notes...it's not too often that a company will show that kind of welcome to a non-high-paying-customer. You should all know that it's appreciated.


I got my first domain setup today, and now I want to transfer the rest. I tried to setup a parked domain through CPanel today, but it wouldn't allow me to do so - it said "Sorry, you are not allowed to add any more then (0) parked domains! " How do I change that?


Also, I need to transfer a third domain over from my current hosting provider - I'm the billing contact, they're the technical contact. I assume I need to make TCH the tech contact, but I'm not sure how to do that. Do I need to fill out a help desk ticket?


Thanks a ton!



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If you have a regular account (not reseller) you will need to ask the techs to park domains for you.


You can be the contact for tech, billing, administrative. No need for TCH to be any of it. Just contact your registrar to change that. If its TCH you can do that here.


I'm not a reseller...just a regular silver-account-joe


By 'ask the techs', do you mean fill out a ticket?


Thanks again,


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