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Windows Backup Util

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I use robocopy.exe from the Windows Server Resource Kit. I wrote a little batch file to copy what I wanted to a network drive and used the XP scheduler to schedule the backup task.


You can also use the ntbackup.exe utility that comes with XP pro. (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Backup)


Both methods allow the source and destination to be a network drive.


Since I'm not intetrested in a DR backup or versioning, I just grap a few folders for documents, email and browser settings and copy to the network.



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I was going to suggest Bruce's approach because I also did that a few years ago.


I'm not sure if there's any advantage in using a backup tool unless you want to specify complex file filters or something like that - which may well be the case, so you're probably better off with a backup program. Unfortunately, I never used any GUI backup tool besides Windows backup tool itself, so I can't be of much help... :\

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Well its not free but I had to return some USB parts my wife purchased for me and had to buy something, so it was sorta free.


Norton Ghost 9.0


All my friends speak well of it and I've wanted to try it for years, so nows my chance. Built in schedule, works on Network drives. Works on CD or DVD, USB devices, JAZ, Zip, SuperDisk.


Full or Incremental backups. Keeps a history. Email Notification. Backup Dual Boot.


Looks like I'll like it.

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Agreed, Ghost is a very powerful and well made product from what I see at work. It's probably overkill for an average user, but a power user like Bill may find it fits the bill (no pun intended). Definitely check it out.

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