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6 Simple Questions

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1.Will i be able to sell email names to visitors like someone@mywebsite.com??\


2.If this is possible how will they log in??


3. I made my website with front page, and i do not understand how "extensions" work, will i get help on this??


4. How editable is the forum that you offer?


5.Is the starter plan paid montly??


6.The grand total when buying the starter plan with a domain name would it be 14.95 (or does it include taxes?)


thank you


a future costumer

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1.How much will the resseller package cost????

2.In your plans at the bottom of the page you have "PHPBB Forum Install - $20.00" what is that???

3.The control panel test drive is the one i will be getting if i get any of your plans??

4.if i sign up for the starter plan, but later on i want to move to the silver plan, will i be able to do this??? how will the payments work?

5.will a receive shopping cart software with the starter plan???

6. will my visitors be able to buy online and pay with credit cards??

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