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Introducing Mali, Psycho Bengal


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I just wanted to stop in and say hi and introduce everyone to the reason that my posts may now be littered with kitty-speak; as well as the reason for much of my recent absence. That is, other than studying constantly for finals. Yuck.


So, with no further adieu, I introduce to you.... *drum roll* Malificent.


She arrived 8 days ago and has been taking up much of my time and truly appreciates the warmth of the powerbook as she sits upon the keyboard. =)


One final Monday, then she gets all of my attention. I'm sure she'll be offering more assistance on the forums in future; especially since she's taking up a fair bit of my hosting space.... :dance:

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She's a year old and was retired because she had problems birthing her first litter; so rather than put her through that, when they had cats that gave birth easily; they retired her and I was lucky enough to get her. She came from kentucky, which is less far than Odin came, but still a trek. =)

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