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Ultimate Form Mail Update For Php 4.3.10


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Because I know that there are quite a few TCH members using my code, Ultimate Form Mail, I want to get the word out on an upgrade needed asap for the ioncube loaders that go with the script.


Ioncube Loader for 4.3.10


If you use the code, free or paid, please add this loader to your server right away.


About three days ago, php 4.3.10 was released, and while it's recommended to upgrade to 4.3.10, some features of php 5 slipped in and that made some things go goofy. I noticed this yesterday afternoon, (right after TCH upgraded to 4.3.10) and I worked feverishly to get a workaround. And when I recoded my script, I emailed everyone who has purchased a license. Since I don't have an email database of those that download the code for free, I'm trying to get the word out this way.


Anyhow, I reacted as quickly as possible and had a solution even before Ioncube came out with the new and improved loader for 4.3.10 with all the fixes in. There was nothing wrong with my code... it's written well.


For curious coders out there, it was an issue with foreach() loops inside of methods of classes (object oriented programming) when running on a server with Zend Optimizer... at least that's what I've been able to determine so far. So, under that situation, good, clean, well written code wouldn't work in encrypted form.


If you wish to read more about this, you can visit the ioncube site, at the link above, or you can visit my site, where I support my work with free help and assistance.

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Hello and thanks again,


I purchased a half dozen or so licenses some time ago. Some basic and at least one or two professional.


They all work as advertised. When I have been stuck trying to implement a feature, Jack's support has been excellent and very timely.


This latest episode which was entirely beyond his control was addressed about as fast as anyone could ever address a problem. Within hours of the new PHP install at TCH, Jack had discovered, repaired and posted the fix.


I was very pleased to get an email telling me that there was a problem and that it had been fixed. All I had to do was download the fix using the link in the email and then install via FTP on my sites using the UFM script. Easy as falling off of a log.


Anyone wondering about using UFM should feel secure in switching. I would suggest coughing up the very few dollars required to buy the script. Just being on a mailing list and getting a timely update announcement makes the purchase price worth the cost. Plus, it really is not expensive.


Just my thoughts.


Happy holidays to all.

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I'm following this post from Sure Fire as best I can and I just can't seem to get it to work.


I've asked TCH to reset the web servers, they did (thank you very much), but still it's not working. Does it take some time? Should I just hold my horses and it'll start working in a few hours or something?


I've uploaded this file (ioncube_loader_lin_4.3.so) in BINARY and all should be well.


ANY tips would be helpful, thanks.


- Bradley

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After a half day of frustration, the solution was (as usual) simple and stupid:


Somehow the extraction of the "ioncube_loader_lin_4.3.so" file was somehow not working. I was using StuffIt for Windows and finally tried to extract the file using 7-Zip and that worked.


So ... before you spend as many hours as I did, maybe try that.

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Wigoweb, boxturt... thank you for the thumbs up! As many will attest, I put my heart and soul into not just the code, but the support. As we all know, support can make or break a software purchasing experience. I'm here to help whether you're running the free version, or the paid version.


Thank you all for your support.

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As much as we would like to continue supporting the formail sold by surefire, please be advised this is not the support forums for surefire's product. Please refer all support issues and announcements to the proper support channels.


Also, please be advised that TCH does not warrant or support the products sold by others and therefore this thread is closed.



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