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I just purchased a new domain. As I understand it, I can not have abc.com and def.com use my same tch account. ie; can't have mail, ftp,web for both domains running off one account.


As part of my switch, I want to just have email fwd'ed from the new domain to my old one. where the domain is parked that service is offered for $10.00 a year. Options are to use their name servers or create an mx record on your existing domain and have it point to an xx.xx.com server on their domain to get the email fwd'ing to work.


Can TCH create me an MX record to do this, or is this beyond the scope of services that I purchased with my initial domain? Reason for asking is that it would be easier to have the MX record associated with TCH servers than my domain providers when I make the switch over for making this account a fwd only to my primary domain.


if not, no big deal I can use their name servers.

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I believe u will need to use theirs but u will need a proper response form a TCH to confirm/deny this.


Unless ur old domain is on tch account which is being foward to the new domain name with its own account, in which case, u can set one up in CPANEL or use the re-drect ability of the email system in CPANEL



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I have the same issue. I own 2 domains 'domain1.com' and 'domain2.com'. I've purchased a hosting package with TCH under 'domain1.com' and set up forwarding with my registrar for 'domain2.com'. So far the forwarding is working like a champ. Now what I'd like to do is setup a situation where someone can email me at 'user@domain2.com' and have that directed to 'user@domain1.com'. I can currently create MX Records for domain2.com with my registrar but I'm not sure how to make it work. As a test a created an MX record: 'mail.domain1.com' for domain2 but when I send mail it bounces back as access denied. Is there an option on CPANEL to enable access to the mailserver for domain2.com?


Also I noticed there's an option to manage parked domains (apparently, I need to manually purchase said option) - how do I go about that and how much does it cost? Is it cheaper to upgrade the hosting plan? What does 'managing' really mean - what features do you get?



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Ok sit back and read.


If you purchase a domain and you wanted it parked at your current web space we can do it for free.


What you would need to do is simply set the nameservers to the same as your original domain, then open a help desk ticket and ask that the new domain be parked on top of the old domain.


What will happen is we will create a DNS zone file for the new domain name and point it to your current web space. Thus all email for the new domain name will forward to your old domain name.


I understand that our domain partner offers this for a fee, but just between us (lol) we will do this for free if you follow the proper chain.


Go WINGS!!!!

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What will happen is we will create a DNS zone file for the new domain name and point it to your current web space.  Thus all email for the new domain name will forward to your old domain name.

Okay - I've opened the Helpdesk ticket and it has been closed. The redirect for the site is working properly however I can't seem to send email to the parked domain and receive it at the hosted domain. Having said that, I'm not generating any errors so the message is going somewhere. Does this process normally take some time to 'fix' itself? Am I just being impatient?


Please advise.

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As you requested, the ticket number (I assume is same as CALL ID) is 1080. As described previously my hosted domain is www.domain1.com while my parked domain is www.domain2.com. I'd like to set it up so that email sent to user@domain2.com will be forwarded to user@domain1.com. As of today this is still not working. Interestingly enough I don't get any error messages of any kind regarding access denied to SMTP server or the such. Any help would be appreciated.




Call ID 1080

Status RESOLVED (not really)Logged 4/13/2003 02:09 A.M.

Priority 3

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