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Want To Add A Domain To Existing One

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I just purchased another domain. Is it possible to get it to "work" off my existing domain with its own email, ftp, website ....etc. Have the two domains "share" my exsiting space? I would like to phase out my old domain (over time) and move to the new one. is it possilbe to do this? what would be the extra cost be or is it not possible to do this?



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No, it is not. U can have 2 domains pointing to the same index page on ur main account but the 2nd one is just a name, no email or anything else can be attributed to it. Failing to do this breaks TCH agreement.


Uneed another account to do it otherwise.


If u wish to move ur account to another domain name, drop them a help desk note


Thats my views anway!



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