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Subdomain Images Path?


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I have seen a few related posts relative to this subject, yet I still do not understand how to get a page in a subdomain to find images. For that matter, I assume links will be an issue as well.


cook.inssar.org was created with cPanel

http://cook.inssar.org/index.htm has images which are not displayed


I have tried putting the images in the root cook folder

<IMG SRC="image01.gif">


I have tried putting them in a folder cook/objects

<IMG SRC="objects/image01.gif">


I have tried accessing images in the main domain's objects folder.

<IMG SRC="../objects/image01.gif"> AND

<IMG SRC="http://www.inssar.org/html_public/objects/ind_flag.gif">


I assume there is a simple explanation. Suggestions please?

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If its stored in the same directory(cook) it would be

><img src="images/myimage.jpg" />

If its outside of the directory(public_html) it would be

><img src="http://www.domain.com/images/myimage.jpg" />


><img src="/home/public_html/username/images/myimage.jpg" />

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I have tried all the suggestions in Dick's reply and, still nothing.


<img src="/home/public_html/cook/objects/const.gif">


<img src="http://www.inssar.org/objects/const.gif">


<img src="/home/public_html/cook/objects/ind_flag.gif">


<img src="/home/public_html/objects/ind_flag.gif">


<img src "objects/ind_flag.gif">


<img src "../objects/ind_flag.gif">


I have all the images in both objects folders, and the cook.inssar.org root folder.

I dropped the subdomain and recreated. Still no success.


I noticed in Don's examples, "/" at the end of the tag

<img src="images/myimage.jpg" />


I even tried that.


Any other suggestions?

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Where are the images?

in the same folder that represents the subdomain?

remember the subdomain is a shortcut to domain/folder


If in the same folder as your pages

<img src="myimage.jpg" /> will work


other wise the absolute url

<img src="http://www.domain.com/foldername/myimage.jpg" />

will also work.






I see you are using relative addressing

<img src="../objects/ind_flag.gif">

try the absolute address

<img src="http://www.inssar.org/objects/ind_flag.gif">

when using in a subdomain

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This should work:

><img src="http://cook.inssar.org/objects/ind_flag.gif" />

but doesn't because it gives a 404 error while trying to find the missing 403 error page. So, you need to add that subdomain (http://cook.inssar.org/ and http://www.cook.inssar.org/) to your allowed sites in hotlink protection.

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All good suggestions, but nothing works.


Properties (right click on image spot) says:



Absolute path says:



I have even set up a second subdomain indy.inssar.org and get the same results.


I appreciate your efforts, but sadly, nothing works :)

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Hotlinks protection was in fact turned on. I have added the subdomain to the allow list, and "all is well." :D


Prior to changing the hotlinks allow access list, I created a test subdomain on another website, copied the images and html, and it worked, even though the newly created subdomain was (is) not on the allow list ? :)


I still do not know why one site behaved differently than the other, but it's all working now and I've learned from the experience.


Thank you all for your perseverance.

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