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Ssis Not Working


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I made some minor tweaks to a section of my site (www.kantor.com/blog), which sports a server-side include. Specifically, it includes a file called "nav.html" that sits in my root (public_html) directory. This way I can have the same navigation links on every page.


Now something weird is going on. My main blog page -- http://www.kantor.com/blog -- has that nav.html file show up just fine.


But the monthly archive pages, e.g., http://www.kantor.com/blog/2004/12/index.shtml, will NOT show that nav.html file. I get the infamous "[an error occurred while processing this directive]" message.


I use the same code on both pages:

<!--#include virtual="http://www.kantor.com/nav.html" -->


I believe the permissions are OK (it works some of the time, after all), and I tried using 'include file' as well. But it just won't appear on the other pages.


Any suggestions about this? I figure I'm missing something obvious, but can't figure out what.



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What's weird is that the same include is in the other page, but without any problems.

While it may be the same include you are several levels down in your directory tree.


Have you thought about changing to using a PHP include instead of the SSI include?


It would look like this:


include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/nav.html";


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I cut and pasted that code, but it didn't work. I'm guessing that I'm supposed to change something to make it specific for my site.


At least the error is gone; now it's just blank.

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The problem is that the include command is in a lot of my pages (and only these monthly pages aren't working). So I need the .shtml to keep the rest of the site functioning properly.

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What other SSI includes are you using?


You could also put a copy of the nav.html file in your archive folder and use the SSI include


<!-- #include file="nav.html" -->


Also my example was wrong:

<!-- #include="/home/cpanelname/public_html/nav.html" -->


Should have been:


<!-- #include file="/home/cpanelname/public_html/nav.html" -->

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