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I always see Bandwith and Space as criteria for webhosting, but never speed.

I'm running a site on which photo's of all kind of events can be ordered. Does pull up to 4Gb/month but the previous server (okay, quite old one I guess) didn't have enough resources to display the photos by a php/mysql script (something like Gallery/Coppermine).


So, how is the speed at the TCH servers? Prepared to run scripts which require a lot of resources? Or are there some restraints?

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If you have been asked to leave one provider due to the amount of resources your site is using then it most likley a good idea to look for a dedicated server.


We do limit the amount of CPU resources that a shared virtual hosting account may consume.


As per our AUP:


Network Performance


TotalChoice Hosting accounts operate on shared resources. Excessive use or abuse of these shared network resources by one customer may have a negative impact on all other customers. Misuse of network resources in a manner which impairs network performance is prohibited by this policy and may result in termination or suspension of your account without notice.


You are prohibited from excessive consumption of resources, including CPU time, memory, disk space and session time. You may not use resource-intensive programs which negatively impact other customers or the performance of TotalChoice Hosting systems or Hosting. TotalChoice Hosting reserves the right to terminate or limit such activities.


Denial of Services, DDoS, Smurf and other service attacks started against your web site will effect the entire population of the Totalchoice Network, therefore your site will be subject to immediate termination of your account.

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I should have been more clear: the site was hosted on a personal server (only a Celeron366 with 192mb RAM) which has connection to a fast university connection in Europe. The site required more resources then the old server could provide on peak times.


Perhaps you can be more clear about "excessive consumption of resources"?

- Is time taken into account (my site needs most resources after major events, which is ~3 days a month)

- Is it possible to limit rescources for one user instead of cutting the user off?


BTW: Thanks for the fast reply

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From the way it has been explained in the past, it is not a hard and fast number, or rule.

Basically, a spike here and there is not going to call attention, and will have little adverse effect on the box as a whole. The problem comes in to play when the usint is being taxed and other sites are getting affected. Then is when it is more likely to get your site shut down.

Connection speeds at a webhost should be the last concern any user ever has to worry about. If the host is worth the money you pay them, then they are located in a datacenter which has connections that would boggle the mind of the typical user. OC-48's are very hard to max out. But they are also expensive... hence the tracking of bandwidth and extra charges for going over.

The boxes deployed by TCH are light years ahead of what you were currently serving from. So you are not in a problematic situation there.


However, script optimization may be warranted to lessen the load on the processor. You probably won't affect the resources of the box too much, as other folks also use the same scenario you have described, and without any problems.


Your bandwidth consumtion may get you, though. You can, however, purchase additional bandwidth as part of your hosting account. Do you really sell 4GB worth of digital images a month? or is it that you are using full-resolution images in the galleries? If it is the latter, then I would seriously look at reducing the resolution in the galleries and saving a few bucks a month from that part alone. It will also lessen loads placed on the server and probably keep you under the radar of the techs.

Since you were serving already, you should have an idea with your utilizations have been in the past with the setup you have. Threads, proc utilization and other items can and probably should be discussed with the help desk prior to signing up... just to make sure that you know what might happen.


I don't think that TCH employs methods to throttle bandwidth to individual users of shared hosting, as that is typically only done at the server level.

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