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Blocking An Ip Question...

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Someone has just posted an offensive comment to my blog, which I deleted. I have reason to think he'll be back, so I am considering blocking his IP address from my site, but I know that is often ineffective because many web users are given a different IP address every time they go online. However, when I looked up the IP address the troll was using when he left his comment, in the results under "comments" it says "ADDRESSES WITHIN THIS BLOCK ARE NON-PORTABLE". Does that mean that he's using a static IP address that I can safely block without also blocking anyone else who is using the same ISP? Or does it mean something else?


I appreciate any help anyone can give me...

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It means that they IP's can not be re-assigned to others outside that netblock.


IP blocking can be effective if the user is on a cable modem or DSL line that uses Static IP Address. This means that the IP address given to the user does not change. But also, IP blocking can be effective even on non-static IP address. Sometime the DHCP Lease times can be for days, weeks or even months. So blocking it would be effective until the user flushes his DNS thru his modem or the lease expires.


If the problem gets out of hand please drop me a PM. I will contact the users ISP and demand a take down action. Most likely nothing will happen but a warning email to the user.



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KungFòóFairy, thanks for your response, and I agree completely that it would be too extreme to block an entire ISP due to one user's idiocy- hence, my question. :)


Head Guru, also, thanks so much for your response. At this point the situation is limited to a single offensive comment left on my blog, and I'm crossing my fingers that it won't escalate beyond that. I have a tendency to be slightly paranoid about things like this. :) I'll let you know if it goes any further, though.


I knew I could come to this forum and get a straight answer quickly... you guys really do rock!

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