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Align Image In Center Of Brwoser Window


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Gidday all, Im wanting to align an image in the center (vertical and horizontal) of the user's browser window.


How would I go about this? Using XHTML.


Regards, Wayne :)

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I would use CSS rather than XHTML. To align an image in the middle of the browser window, I always use the following.

><img src="location/of/your/image.gif" alt="Some image text" style="margin: 0 auto;" />


This should center the image nicely. Description of margin is a shorthand rule that says, "make the top and bottom margin of the image 0 pixels tall, and automatically determine the left and right margins." When the auto determination is made, the margins will be set to the same width using the formula:


width (of left or right margin) = (browser_width - image_width)/2


(If my algebra skills are still up to par.)

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