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Photoshop -> Flash Problems


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Okay, I'm hoping someone here can help me. I just got a job recently and they want me to work in flash sometimes. I've never really used it before, but learning new programs is what us computer geeks do.


We do comps in photoshop, I get approval for the design, and then I'm to make the final movie/banner/site in flash. Same sort of thing I do when I'm going from a photoshop template to an HTML site design; I chop up the image to use the buttons, graphics, etc, and paste them in. So far, so good.


Major problem: when I imported the now-jpeg images from what I had exported from photoshop, they weren't the same size! For instance, a background for a banner I made in photoshop was, say, 700 x 100 pixels. Exactly. I save it as a jpeg. Then I go into flash and create a new file of exactly 700 x 100 pixels. I import the jpeg image into the library, drop it into my scene and - it doesn't match!


So I'm totally stumped. Here I was thinking that 700 = 700, but apparently I was wrong. If anyone could explain what's going on and, more importantly, how to get sizes to MATCH, that'd be really great.

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Is the image importing larger, or is it just not centering properly?


I have both programs here on my machine and could take a look if you wanted to speak "offline" about it.

I just attempted the process on my machine and had no problems. One thing I did see, however, is to make sure you are working in pixels in Flash... not points... when setting up your canvas size. Also, check with something like your browser to validate the jpeg's image size.

Simple mistakes are the easiest to make.

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