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Forwarded Mail Getting Bounced


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I set up a Web design client of mine with TCH a few weeks ago and we seem to be having a problem with her secondary email account. She's not very tech-savvy, so I set up her cpanel mail settings. And my tech-savviness doesn't extend very far beyond hers! :dance:


I sent her a couple of emails yesterday, but they were bounced back to me. We had her secondary email account (xxxxxx@johnriddle.com) set to forward to her nettally.com mail account. Here's the verbage from the bounced email:



(ultimately generated from xxxxxx@johnriddle.com)

SMTP error from remote mailer after initial connection:

host mx2.nettally.com []: 550 Access denied


My client says she IS receiving the emails. (I'm not really sure how she can be receiving the emails if they're being bounced back to me...)


We've taken the forwarding off her secondary email account until this issue gets resolved. I googled "550 Access denied" and found "....This error is caused by an incorrect SMTP (Outgoing mail server) setting." Does this mean it's an incorrect setting on the TCH mail server or is this something that needs to be corrected using cpanel?


Other details you may need to know: I have Spam Assassin enabled, along with a filter that's set to discard anything marked as spam. The default mail address is set to :fail: no such address here.


Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!


P.S. You guys are my Web host and I've been really pleased with your services! I plan on recommending you to all my Web design clients. :)

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the Access Denied part is coming from the destination server, and is not always due to incorrect SMTP settings.

Some ISP's these days are getting tough on SPAM. and a forwarded message may get caught in that filter and simply kick back a 550 error.

One of the reasons this happens is too tight of a setting on their side. They have the setting for Return Path and Reply To set to match or even a Reverse DNS Lookup performed on all incoming, which not only bogs the crud out of their servers, but also cna easily cause bounces to occur for other legit email from travelling clients (John works for ABC company located in Dallas and is travelling to Detroit. He uses the hotel's email to send to his friend who uses netally. He is using a free mail service. It gets bounced because the Reverse DNS does not match the return path)


Just a possibility, but the techs in the Help Desk should be able to get you squared away.

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