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Xp Not Booting On Different M/board


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recently my intel 815 desktop board for pIII just stopped working. I arranged a service m/B so iam able to work till it gets repaired in warranty.


Installing this m/b doesn't boots on my Existing winXP pro setup.

It just crashes in initial few seconds as its loading agp440.dll.

not booting even in safe mode, not able to boot on this HDD while 2nd HDD's fresh setup works fine.


CAN'T afford to format the HDD, any ideas how do i boot from my HDD, i badly need to login to my windows a/c.

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Slipping an existing hard drive into a new computer (or replacing the m/b as in this case) is a crapshoot. If it works it works. The hard drive contains specific information about each component of a computer and in some cases will not be compatable with other components. Sometimes you are given the option of loading new drivers which will will allow you to work in the new environment. Sounds like in this case you can't.


If you have access to other computers you can slide the hard drive into several until you find one that will work.

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thanx, i even tried the recovery console but no fruitfull results, looking for a matching configuration among known people so i can do the needfull back up and format the HDD.


Anyway if i re-install choosing Repair do you think it would do some good to me and my time?

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