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Add Info To Database Script


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Hey gang,


I was wondering if someone could help me find a specific type of script.


I am looking for a script that would allow a user to come to a site and add in their information (like a company listing) to an online database.


Basically what I'd want the script to do is have a form where a person can put a listing with specific fields for information (ie, name, company name, contact info, and some other custom fields). Then I would want that user to be able to submit this form and the information to be categorized by alphabet and state. The info would ideally be updated dynamically and appear right away on the web site. I am assuming that this script would hook up to an SQL database. But I am not positive how it all works. It would also be nice if we could go in and edit listings if they were out of date or innapropreate and it would be nice if the user who submitted the listing got confirmation and the ability to edit their listing if needed.


I know I have seen link type exchange scripts that do this, but I am not sure that exactly fits my needs.


Any suggestions?




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Hi Nat.

This section of Hotscripts contains things that seem as if they might be in the area you're talking about.




Can't tell if any of them is really close, but it's a place to start anyway.


Yeah I was checking out Hotscripts earlier.


Will check the link you left.


Thansk a million Jim.



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Hi Nat, just wondering if you came up with a solution? I am looking for something very similar, I would an easy way to add info to a secure ssl db, probably using the shared ssl on total choice. Lynn

Haven't found what I need yet. Looks like I might need someone to write something specific for me. Just looking into the cost of that.


How I wish I knew Perl.... LOL



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How about PHP.

If you work with dreamweaver you do not have to know how to write PHP code.


I do something similar where a user registers for an event and when the transaction comes back as accepted, the PHP code writes the registrant information to my mysql database. Then another page lists all registrants alphabetically as they enter various events.


Sounds like you want to do something similar only with url's.


I know this does not tell you how to do what you want, but maybe my post will give you an idea on the tools that you can use to accomplish it with some further reading.



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