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Something Similar To Coppermine


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Ok, I know Bruce will tell me me to search hot scripts which I have :P ...

but I also wants to see if anyone in our big family have any recommendations. :)


I am looking for something similar to coppermine photo gallery but for stories (or multimedia in general) instead.

Something that is just as easy to install, manage (both for me and visitors) and free.

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My recommendation is WordPress. I know it's considered blogging software but at its core it is a simple CMS. You can easily remove the date display (As I have), each story can be assigned any number of catergories, it's easy to make it look nice, (Excerpts of stories, ability to decide exactly how large each page/chapter is), has a built in search function and the ability for readers to post comments (if you want them to), it's easy to add images to the stories.


Simple to install (Generally 5 mins), free and plenty of support. It uses one Db make it easy to backup and it's designed for text.


Visit my page to see my simple implementation of the software. I'll happily help you install it and start you on the road to customizing it.





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