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Microsoft Challenges Google


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Microsoft Corp. tomorrow will start its long-awaited Internet search service, adding fresh competition to Google Inc.

After 18 months of development, the Redmond, Wash., software maker will open a preview version of the search service, according to people familiar with the plan. The company is trying to grab a bigger piece of the lucrative business, now led by Google, of combining Internet search and advertising.


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Competition is awesome, especially in that field! Google has become the Microsoft of the search engines... it's the one everyone goes to because it's familiar but they have become sloppy and fairly irrelevant.


I like MSN right now because the results seem more relevant, but I heard that they are actually spidering Google results to get their database up to size quickly. They'll get a lot of junk and it will take several weeks to months to work out their algorithms to filter the junk -- even if their programming is superior.


One of my clients is on Google at position 148 but on MSN at 10 for the best keyword phrase, so it's looking promising. :)

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But MSN Search doesn't have a cache (VERY usefull when you want to see a page that has been changed since it was indexed, because the new page may not have what you searched for, or even worse, it may be unavailable) :P

And it doesn't read PDFs, PPTs, SWFs, .DOCs... :D


I'm not much into this search engine stuff but I did notice that Google's results have become less relevant... maybe if MSN Search is really good, Google will come back to their old higher standards of quality :)

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Yes, the caches come from being around a bit. They probably are cacheing them but just haven't worked out the presentation part yet. Who knows, it could be a marketing scheme where they let people say how much they like this or that feature and then provide it for them.


How do you know it doesn't read those file formats - they may do it but not admit to it yet for the above or other reasons.


The improvement to Google is definitely what I'm hoping for. At the current rate of things, Google would be hard to displace by another search engine so I'm hoping this makes them get better.

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