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Confused By Moveabletype Install


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Hey! Im determined to install Moveable type. Never done this before, so the first step, I'm already confused:


The following files are Perl scripts: mt-add-notify.cgi, mt-check.cgi, mt-comments.cgi, mt-load.cgi, mt-send-entry.cgi, mt-tb.cgi, mt-search.cgi, mt.cfg, mt-xmlrpc.cgi, and mt-view.cgi.


The first line of each of these files must contain the path to Perl on your webserver; typically this is #!/usr/bin/perl. You may need to change this if Perl is at a different location on your webserver, such as /usr/local/bin/perl. If you do need to change the setting, take care not to remove the -w at the end of the first line in each file; this setting turns on warnings in Perl, and it is important that it be left on.


Can someone who has installed MT break this down for me?


Also, do I need to install the version with libraries or no libraries?!


Thanks for the help!

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