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I moved my first site here in July of this year and I just want to say how happy I am! The tech support crew is amazing, and everyone understands the importance of clear and frequent communication!


This is my fifth host since 1999 -- oh the horrors I've seen! Host 1 and 2 were expensive and offered little. Host 3 seemed good until many servers went down for over a week. They had a public forum, but it was removed after the customers revolted. Host 4 was amazing until it was bought out -- apparently the new owner has a knack for destroying every web host he touches. (If you follow the goings-on at webhostingtalk, you know where I was!)


Now I'm here and it's like sitting in a little Zen garden where everything runs like clockwork.


When I first scouted out this forum, I thought all the talk of "family" was a little charles-manson-hippy-dancing, but I now realize it's just a bunch of normal people who are ecstatic that we've found our last web host!



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Thanks for the kind words, believe it or not I was a little freaked out by the family thing as well. I was a customer before I was an employee and once I had my site up and saw how things were run it really is like a family.

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:) Welcome to the Family Trevor :dance:


and your new home!

I think I was on one of those hosts ;)

But this is finally home,

you can rest and take it easy.


We really are like family here.

So if you need anything,

just ask your new family!

We love to help :)

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