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Finding Server Number


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Well this stinks! I go to the Help Desk and get this message:


Your ticket was not submitted as there are some possible answers in our knowledgebase, they are listed below. If your answer is not listed then please click the button at the bottom of this page.



I've already checked all that stuff, if there had been an answer to my problem there, I wouldn't have submitted a ticket! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Hi Charlotte! Glad to see your smiling face in here again! ;) See?! It isn't just me. LOLOL


I can't log in through FTP either. Server's down guys!

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Rick says I'm on server 38, and there's now a page that says:


Hey, it worked !

The SSL/TLS-aware Apache webserver was

successfully installed on this website.


I'm just waiting for them to put my website back. ;)


Self Edit: But I just got the email from Bill about the server failing, which must be 66, so actually I have no idea what server I'm on, or where I went, or when I'll be back.


I participated in a craft fair yesterday and handed out hundreds of business cards. I learned my site was down from several prospective customers (4 of them special orders) that tried to access my site this morning. So I'm losing business and dealing with cranky people. Aren't y'all glad I'm such a happy agreeable person this morning? roflmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That wasn't my excuse that was Rick's. But it could have been Cox and with their track record lately, I had to call and check anyhow. Not that they ever admit it when it's their fault. LOL Yes, I'm back up and runnning, thank you TCH :lol:


Now I need to make a list of which sever each of my domains is on. I've never bothered doing this before, since it's so rare that anything like this happens with TCH. With other hosts I've used in the past, *down time* was a daily battle, but TCH has made me complacecent and lazy with the excellent service.


Rock Sign

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And I have no idea how to do a trace route.

To run a trace route do the following:


1. Open a Dos prompt (on Windows NT/2000/XP do start|run and enter CMD and tap return)


2. Enter tracert yourdomain.ext


3. The last site displayed will show the server number you are on provided the trace route can complete.

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Hello guys, I decided to go on on this thread, it seems related.


I have a domain which I bought before I joined TCH. When I log on to Cpanel, it doesn't show me any server number - I also tried to put the IP number I got by e-mail in that form that suppose to tell me what server I am on - and it said it doesn't recognize it. So how do I know what site I am on? my IP adress (the one I got by mail) is cheezcake.net however (which is my domain) is still conntected to the old host - which is fine, I want it to stay there for now. So, what do I do to find out the number?

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