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Parked Domain... Redirected?


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[brushes dust off from long absence ;) ]


Hey gang, how do Parked domains work?


I have a client who I have parked a second domain:


Domain: www.discount-pumps.biz

Parked Domains: discountpumps.biz


What I would like is a permanent redirect (i.e. discountpumps.biz is permantly redirected to discount-pumps.biz). Right now both URLs are functional... both pointing to the same page but each with a unique URL (which is carried out throughout all the internal links).


How would I go about making only one unique URL (e.g. 301-like redirect)?


Is this possible?


Thanks for any feedback.

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I was curious...


When I unparked discountpumps.biz I received this from WebHost Manager:


>discountpumps.biz -> deleted from server19. 
discountpumps.biz -> deleted from server28. 
discountpumps.biz -> deleted from server18. discountpumps.biz -> deleted from server16. Updating Mail Routes...Done
Removing localdomains entires....
Removing ServerAlias line....Done
Parked Domain discountpumps.biz Unparked!


Looks strange to me, why so many servers?

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