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Help Someone Please!

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Hi all, I am designing my first site in Frontpage and I am having issues with the tables. I get the tables set just like I like them in the editor, even preview them in IE but when I upload to the site, they are all different widths!!! <yanks on hair>


I tried setting it to width by pixels, and percent, but to no avail. I need a table expert to give me a few pointers if anyone can!


Thanks a ton all!



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First I would remove the top and left 50 margin in the body tag, and see if that helps.

<body topmargin="50" leftmargin="50"



Then the body tag is followed by two center tags


<div align="center">



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I don't know, I was tired and a tad frustrated last night. I am going over the code now in detail picking out different things I did.


I guess I am going to have to write most of these table params by hand, since Frontpage isn't keeping them consistent for me.


Any suggestions and tips are always welcome.








But just answer me one question...why is it that I can format one cell of a table to a specific size in pixels, and format a different cell to the same size in pixels and yet they display different sizes in a browser??? LOL wild

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Both my main text cells on the left and right side are set to a certain width, yet its not taking affect for some reason. Here look at this


<td width="127" bgcolor="#333333" style="margin-left: 10">

<p style="margin-left: 3"><font size="1" color="#FFFF00">Welcome to XPG!</font></p>

<p style="margin-left: 3"><font size="1">Yes, its true, Ady has a home on

the web now.  I will be posting news on various items that I have my

hands in.....</font></p>

<p style="margin-left: 3"><font size="1">more....</font></td>

<td width="12" height="246"> </td>

<td width="375" height="246" align="center" style="margin-right: -10; margin-top: 0">


<img border="0" src="images/lightning-2a7z.gif" width="303" height="196" align="middle"></i></td>

<td width="11" height="246"> </td>

<td bgcolor="#333333" width="127" height="246">

<p style="margin-left: 5"><font size="1" color="#FFFF00">Coming Soon-</font></p>

<p style="margin-left: 5"><font size="1">This is a constant work in

progress and there is a lot of content very soon to come.  I will

have a forum and even a member section soon, so what this space for




I have figured it out to a degree....but....the tables draw correctly for IE but do not draw correctly for MOzilla. Is there a way I can fix this?


Thanks a ton!

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