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Not Exactly Sure How To Ask

greatfolios sysop

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I am sure this is my fault....


I have greatfolios.com and my portfolio is www.greatfolios.com/billmccord - simple enough so far....


I asked tch to point www.properspectivephotographics.com to www.greatfolios.com/billmccord - and I don't see some of the same graphics and page features as I do if I use the www.greatfolios.com/billmccord url.


not sure if there is something I can do with .htaccess or perminent redirects....


any thoughts?


Thanks in advance,


Mr. Bill :Nerd:

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You have a resellers account? Pointing a domain at a sub-folder is against TOS. As far as the nav images at the top are they in greatfolios.com/billmccord/assets/images/autogen/?


Edit: Ok, you have a resellers. How about the image locations?

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you have the path correct, I was trying to do it from memory....


it works fine with the greatfolios url, but the root is different when I use the ppp url.


Thanks again!


Mr. Bill

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