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Uninvited Folders


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I have just noticed that two of my sites, both on server 23, are displaying some new folders which I did not put there. All dated 10/21/2004 they are :






Did that happen during an upgrade? That question is just for curiosity's sake so more importantly - is it safe to delete these folders? Or will that action impact other files?


As always, Thanks :D

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If you click on those things in CPanel, even just one time, they automatically get installed. According to your post, it looks like you (or your client if applicable) clicked on OSCommerce and Entropy inside CPanel. Just delete those folders and remember not to click those icons in CPanel...


Bad Icon, Bad :D

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I have the /CATALOG/ folder

because I clicked on a shopping cart in cpanel just to look at.

But thats only in one domain, none of the others.


Same goes for the /public_html/entropybanner/

I played with it on one domain, but it not on the others.


I just deleted the catalog folder using file manager,

after copying it, and no problems.

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okey dokey, makes sense except I know I didn't click on them (in one account) and I'm the only one that has access. What the 'client' did I have no knowledge. I just find it strange that the same thing happened on 2 unrelated accounts, at the same time on the same server.


....enter Twilight Zone music.......


In any case, deleted they be and that's all that mattered.



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No worries :)


But what I ment was that I for instance, happened to install a few things from my cpanel once. I checked what all files that I knew I had not uploaded/installed was called and I asked here in the forum what these files were ment for. I found out that these files were from these installs and I could easily delete them. So if you find an unknown file, check in here if someone knows if it belongs to this or that.

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