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Do I need to do anything to set up awstats? I bought the domain and host only yesterday but it still shows the stats to be completely blank, not even registering my own visits. Up the top, it says "Last update: Never updated". Is there anything I need to do? Will it take a while before the first stats register? I attempted to read an FAQ from awstats but... oh good god, is that even in English? :dance: Suffice to say, I came away feeling dazed and confused. So any help anyone can give me would be muchly appreciated! Including telling me whether this question is even in the right section of the forum! I do rather hate feeling stupid. lol



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That's right. Going for real time stats would put a huge strain on the servers. There are alternatives to the once a night update and if you search on awstats you can find it in the forums here but even that can be abused to the point that it can cause a strain on the servers as well.


Best option is to just wait it out till the next update.

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