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I'm seriously considering setting up my first website with a registered domain and paid host. I've had websites in the past, but they've been hosted by the ever reliable free sites. :dance: A previous topic here from a newbie asking how easy it is has answered some of my questions, but I've got one about the help desk ticket. What on earth is it? Is it something you have to pay for? Do you get allotted a certain number of tickets? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



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When you encounter something that cannot be fixed by those of us on the forums you will be asked to open a ticket. It is a link to a form you fill out so paid staff can look into your problem. There is a cost. For every helpdesk ticket you submit you must answer at least one question a family member has in the forums. There is a limit, you may submit no more that 7,000 in any 24 hour period. That is just because I have tried and one cannot fill out everything and submit and get more than that in the time frame specified. :dance:


Aside from the first two statements, nothing above is true. There is no cost for opening a ticket and there are no limits in how many you can submit, though I think fewer may make those answering them happier. :)



Welcome to the forums.

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Hi Shane and welcome to our forums :dance:


A Help Desk ticket is not paid and you can submit as many as you want.


It's simply a system to track problems users may have. When you have a problem with your server/account, you go to the help desk and ask for help - submit a help desk ticket, which is basically filling out a form with some info about the problem.


That way users have a safe place where they can give their password to the tech staff without worrying about other people seing it, as it would happen if we'd use the forums for that kind of support.


Besides, as you have probably seen by now, we talk about LOTS of things here, so it would be a real mess trying to take care of helping customers here.


Hope this helps :)


Edit: Humm... how come I didn't see your post before, Rob? Are you cheating the post dates again? :P Just kidding, of course ;)


Edit2: Please note that the Help Desk should not be used to ask for help installing third party scripts, coding your site or any other non-TCH related questions, only for issues related to your TCH account. This helps us keep the Help Desk "clean" and reply faster to the tickets instead of having to sort them out :blink:

On the other hand, the forums are not for tech support, so if you need something related to your account or anything else that should be handled by someone from the tech staff, you should submit a help desk ticket instead of posting a message in the forums. :)

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Welcome to the forums Shane B)


The forum can answer and help with most questions about web site development and scripts,

but if you think you are having a problem with your server,

just open a help ticket and the techs will look it over and fix server problems.


Hope this helps and we see you here soon. :)

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The others have hit on the finer points of making that submission if you should ever need to. I am the court jester of the bunch so I am hardly serious but will do all I can to answer any questions you might have.


So, when ya coming over?

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