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Installing A Simple Cgi Script!


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Hi guys, I'm just trying to run a very simple cgi script using Perl. I placed my CGI script under the cgi-bin directory but I don't get anything. Here are the errors I got:


File does not exist: /home/empresa/public_html/public_html/cgi-bin/testform.cgi

File does not exist: /home/empresa/public_html/404.shtml

Premature end of script headers: /home/empresa/public_html/scgi-bin/testform.cgi


This last error I tried to see what would happen; no luck. I also don't understand why in the first error I get /public_html repeated twice??


I was just testing this really small script to see if it works!


Thanks for your help.

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can you provide a link to the page - or a copy of the code calling the script.


It looks like you have the code incorrect, and have the public_html in twice when calling the script. Hence it cannot find the file. It then tries to call the 404 page - because it couldn't find the file - but that doesn't exist either.

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Yes sir, this solve the problem, thank you very much!! Now I have another problem. I'm trying to do a simple form that let users contact me via email. My form is here: www.empresasmilanes.com/contactenos.htm. This form calls a script called sendmail.php. The thing is that when you click submit, you get the php code displayed on the browser. I placed the .php file under public_html, is this correct??



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Did you create the sendmail.php page with a plain text editor?


The <?php part is not right

it is displayed as




$email = $_REQUEST['email'];<br>


It should be




$email = $_REQUEST['email'];


Also you cannot mix html like the <br>

inside of php code.


you can use echo("<br>");

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