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Strange Happenings

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First off I'm a Mac user running System 10.2.6



Something strange is happening. When trying to log on to the internet this morning for some reason I kept getting Authorization Failed - changed the password in the PPP, nothing, tried a few other passwords, nothing, then finally tried the password that I know is correct (but was all of the sudden being refused) and it worked.


But now strange things seem to be happening and my radar is perked - I can not seem to get open any of my web sites - I can not access the site I have hosted here on TCH nor can I get access to web sites that are hosted with another company.... I seem to be able to access everything else.


What happens is that I get a timeout when trying to connect to my web sites.


I just have a strange feeling that something funky is happening with my passwords...


Any ideas??? Any suggestions???


What is the best spyware remover for a Mac???


I don't want to log into any password protected sites until I know what's happening here.... :)

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You may just be having problems due to the routing issues that there are in various parts of teh US at the moment.


I large number of people are having problems getting to some sites. So it may not be a spyware issue....

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Thanks Andy! After typing all that I checked my sites, for the millionth time today, and of course they were fine.... :)


I still would like to find something to remove any Spyware that has possibly found it's way onto my computer...

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