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Sudden Bandwidth Increase


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Sometime in the last week, bandwidth on one of my accounts suddenly jumped, and has stayed high since.


Awstats reports that web traffic is right at the level it usually is for this time of the month.


I'm the only one with FTP access, and I know I'm not doing a lot of that.


From what I can tell by the new Bandwidth page through cPanel, the newly high level is from a suddenly high level of POP3 email.


Today I changed SPAM ASSASSIN setting so that anything SA identifies as SPAM gets Discarded. It hasn't changed anything.


Finally, to the questions:


1) If SA sees email and marks it, and it's then discarded, does it count against bandwidth? (I expect so, but I have to ask)


2) More importantly, is there any way to monitor email traffic separately? The account has several mailboxes, whch are downloaded pretty quickly by a company sever so I don't see them. It would be very helpful if I could see what's coming through the account and maybe stem the tide before it goes off the charts.


Thank you in advance, anyone with any insight about this.

Jim :(

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